Jahresrückblick 2020

COVID-19, Epidemien, Konflikt, Flucht - Der Rückblick auf ein ereignisreiches Jahr in Bildern.

Was für ein Jahr! Vor einem Jahr hätte wohl niemand damit gerechnet, dass das Jahr 2020 so verlaufen würde, wie es schlussendlich verlief. Es war ein Jahr voller neuer Herausforderungen. 

Auch in unserer Arbeit war die COVID-19-Pandemie das vorherrschende Thema: Ärzte ohne Grenzen startete Hilfsmaßnahmen in europäischen Staaten, wie Italien und Frankreich. Für Länder, die ohnehin schon mit Krisen zu kämpfen hatten, verschlimmerte das Virus die Lage. Vielerorts mussten wir unsere Aktivitäten an die neue Situation anpassen. 

Corona war aber nicht die einzige Krise, die uns beschäftigte: Wir bekämpften Epidemien, wie Masern und Ebola. Wir halfen Menschen auf der Flucht. Wir leisteten Soforthilfe bei Katastrophen. Wir waren Sprachrohr für Menschen in Not. 

Sehen Sie hier, unseren Jahresrückblick 2020 in Bildern: 

Rotation 6 Rescue 3 Disembarkation - Brakhado* and Aeden* Story
MSF/Hannah Wallace Bowman
Brakhado* (*Name changed) gave birth to her now 11-month old son Aeden* (*Name changed) in a detention center. During her 3 years in Libya she was routinely captured, imprisoned & beaten. She saw people electrocuted & set on fire. She was separated from her husband, who was extorted for his release from prison. She tried to cross the Mediterranean multiple times. On what was supposed to be her fourth attempt, she refused to leave. She believes those onboard that boat perished: she never heard from them again.During her time in detention, she met another women with whom she became close friends and they had not seen each other until they were both rescued, from separate boats, and reunited on the deck of Ocean Viking. Brakhado was rescued together with her husband and other 91 people from a rubber boat in distress on Friday, January 24 just before dawn. She disembarked in Taranto, Italy on January 29, together with 402 people.
Idlib under the attacks of Assad regime and its supporters
Muhammed Said/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
IDLIB, SYRIA - FEBRUARY 19: Abandoned and destroyed buildings are seen in Ariha district in Idlib, Syria on February 19, 2020. Ariha district located in south of Idlib has turned into a ghost town while civilians were fleing towards Turkish border due to the attacks of the Bashar al-Assad regime and its supporters. (Photo by Muhammed Said/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
MSF Intervention in Leganés
Olmo Calvo
Hospital instalado por Medicos Sin Fronteras para tratar enfermos de coronavirus en Leganes. Foto: Olmo Calvo /MSF
Al Sahul COVID-19 Treatment Center
MSF/Majd Aljunaid
On June 24, 60-year-old Ghanem Qaid Nasser from Al-Sayani district in Ibb governorate, was admitted in serious conditions to the Al-Sahul isolation centre for COVID-19 patients supported by MSF. "It started with a high fever, coughing and dizziness. And I couldn't breathe. For 8 days I was on the brink of death. I was transferred to this centre and treated in the intensive care unit (ICU) for four days. With the care I received here, life came back to me. When I started feeling better, I was transferred to the inpatient department (IPD). I thank all medical staff, who helped me. After God, they are the reason why I survived", Ghanem said. After two weeks Ghanem was discharged recovered from Al Sahul COVID Centre. He was given a warm farewell from the medical team, which they give to each of their patient discharged from the centre.
Satellite image of Hospital area before the attack
Satellite image of Kunduz MSF Hospital Trauma Centre area 21 June 2015.
Libya: Crisis Within a Crisis - Mohammed Testimony
Giulio Piscitelli
Mohammed, from Mali has lived in Libya since 2015. He wants to return to Mali but says at the moment hasn't enough money. He arrived in the country to escape the conflict and to find work to sustain him and his family. Since he arrived in Libya he has found work as a labourer for the municipality, but due to the low payment, he also collects scrap metals in the dump close to the entrance of the city to earn more money. He receives 1 Libyan Dinar (€0.64) for each 1kg of metal he collects.
Sexual and reproductive healthcare in El Alto
MSF/Cecilia Rivero
San Roque public health center’s waiting room. MSF team provides 24/7, free, culturally-adapted care (including safe delivery, antenatal and postnatal care, family planning) in the maternity unit.
Wound and burn care medical point
Mohamad Cheblak/MSF
Hamza is four years old. He is receiving wound care treatment in the MSF medical point in Karantina, Beirut. MSF has established a fixed point in the Mar Mikhael and Karantina neighborhoods in Beirut, two of the areas most impacted by the blast, to provide medical support to the people affected by the explosion. The team provides wound care (dressings), rapid consultations for people with non-communicable diseases, as well as psychological first aid.
MSF response to Moria Fire
Enri CANAJ/Magnum
GREECE. Lesbos, 09 September 2020. Moria camp. The day-after a fire destroyed the majority of the refugees camp another major fire erupted and the totality of the camp has been burned.
Measles Vaccination Campaign in Timbuktu
MSF/Mohamed Dayfour
A child being vaccinated against measles in Boureim Inaly, one of the outlying vaccination sites. The vaccination campaign with the Ministry of Health aims to vaccinate 95% of children aged between 6 months and 14 years against measles.
Ebola outbreak in DRC's Equateur province
MSF/Franck Ngonga
Samwengi survived Ebola. He is the very first patient treated in the Ebola treatment center at Bolomba General Hospital. Today, he works with MSF as a community worker to convince Ebola suspects in Bolomba Likolo health area to go to health facilities.
Vaccination in Masisi, Eastern DRC
Phil Moore
A nurse fills a hyperdermic syringe with live yellow-fever vaccine in a church-cum-school used as a vaccination centre in the village of Kalungu II during an MSF vaccination campaign in Masisi territory in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on August 13, 2014. Kalungu II lies two and a half hours walk from Kishee.