Anthropologists / Health Promoter

Health promotion activities aim to improve hygiene and encourage the effective use of health services, while informing about our running projects. Health promotion is a two-way process: understanding the culture and practices of a community is as important as providing information.

During serious outbreaks of disease or epidemics, MSF provides people with information on how the disease is transmitted and how to prevent it, what signs to look for, and what to do if someone falls ill. If MSF is responding to an outbreak of cholera, for example, teams work to explain the importance of good hygiene practices, because the disease is transmitted through contaminated water.

As a health promoter, your role is to analyze and understand the local behavior and/or practices at risk of transmitting a disease within a target group. Being part of the medical team, you’re coordinating the IEC-activities (Information, Education, Communication) on different topics in order to support the medical activities, this might include promotion of the medical services, hygiene promotion, information on themes linked to maternal health, malnutrition, malaria, AIDS, Ebola, etc.

You should have broad experience in working with communities and be used to living and working in foreign cultures. Additionally you will busy yourself with different ways of communication of local cultures in order to complete your task as successful as possible. You will be supported by a local team, which you will train and supervise.


  • degree in Anthropology
  • at least 2 years professional experience
  • experience to live within foreign cultures / pleasure in multicultural settings
  • experience in working with communities
  • experience in communication activities
  • fluent English and / or good knowledge of French
  • at least six to nine months availability for the first mission