In our projects you will be working in crisis zones which might be threatened by epidemics, in the wake, for example, of an outbreak of cholera or measles.

As an epidemiologist you will work with a team to design medical aid projects and develop a data collection system. You will analyse the data and inform about possible trends. Additionally you will define the need for medical or water and sanitation interventions and evaluate theses. As an epidemiologist you will also be supporting the set-up of early warning systems in potential epidemic zones. Another of your responsibilities is supervising and training of local staff and instructing them in the monitoring of diseases.

Also possible is a mission in the development, the preparation or realization of an application-oriented research project. You might also be responsible for the recruitment and training of local staff for data collection, data administration and research.

Special requirements:

  • master’s degree in epidemiology or in public health, with an epidemiological focus
  • at least two years of professional experience practical experience in designing research programmes, in the collection and evaluation of medical data and in quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • knowledge concerning the creation and implementation of epidemiological control and monitoring programmes
  • knowledge concerning the handling of epidemiological databases, statistical programs and microsoft excel
  • knowledge of tropical medicine and infectiology is an asset
  • at least six to twelve months of availability for a mission