Supply Logisticians

Being able to provide the necessary medication and material in the needed quantities can be an immense challenge in our project countries.

Supply specialists are usually responsible for the organisation of local purchasing, international commissions, import and stock management in very large and complex projects. Additionally in this position you are responsible for organising the transport by truck or plane, also considering local means of transport and road and weather conditions.

As a supply specialist you have to make sure to manage everything according to local laws and Médecins sans frontières internal policies and make sure that all the necessary medication and non-medical supplies for the projects are available on time. Often you will be supported by a team of local employees which you supervise and train.

Since many materials have to be purchased locally, you will also have to negotiate prices and quantities with local suppliers. For material coming from outside the mission country you have to place the order and take care of the custom clearance.

Special requirements:

  • relevant technical expertise and vocational training
  • minimum of two years' work experience in logistics, supply, transport or procurement
  • improvisation skills, high process orientation, affinity for numbers, ability to negotiate with authorities and administrative bodies
  • availability of at least nine to twelve months