Comparatively, midwives may only be a small group in the MSF projects; however, their importance is immense.

Currently, Médecins sans Frontières also has a large need for midwives.

The World Health Organization estimates that over 600.000 women die each year as a result of pregnancy. As an MSF midwife you will be supporting mother-child programmes, taking responsibility for the maternity ward and delivery room. Additionally you will be giving further training to traditional birth attendants and organising family planning programmes - all in order to work against the high mortality rate of pregnant women and new-borns.

As a midwife you will be busy with training traditional midwives, teaching them the minimum standards of hygiene, training them on how to recognize problem pregnancies at an early stage. You will also provide them with the means and knowledge of how to help women at risk. In the position of a midwife respect for different cultural realities is a must.

Special requirements:

  • midwife degree
  • two years of practical experience after attainment of degree
  • at least six to twelve months of availability for a mission
  • French is an asset

Video interview

Midwife Katharina Kreindl tells about her field experience with MSF: