In terms of numbers nurses make up the largest group of volunteers of Médecins sans Frontières.

We are mainly looking for nursing staff speaking at least two foreign languages. Whether a nursing degree or a paediatric nursing degree, a completed education and readiness to work and take on responsibility under strenuous and unfamiliar circumstances are the most important requirements.

The responsibility of nurses during a field mission is very different from working in Europe. In many projects the basic nursing activities in patient care will be taken over by relatives and local staff. As an international expat your main responsibility will therefore be the education and further training of your local team.

Furthermore often you might be confronted with having to manage a vaccination programs, mother-child advisory services. As a nurse you might also be in charge of the hospital organization, hygiene measures, management of drug stocks, organization of nutrition centers, data collection, staff management and you might have to deal with local authorities.

Special requirements:

  • nursing degree and two years of practical experience after receiving the diploma
  • at least six to twelve months availability for a mission
  • fluency in English
  • good French skills are a requirement most of the time

Knowledge of tropical medicine, public health, and TB/HIV are required for some regions. Therefore, we highly recommend taking a tropical medicine course (see the attached info sheet). Relevant work experience in one of these fields can be accepted instead of the course.