OT Nurses

On mission, surgical nurses often have to work with the most basic technical equipment and under difficult conditions. An as versatile practical experience as possible is necessary.

As an OT nurse your areas of responsibility range from practical assistance during surgery to organizational duties and training of local surgical staff. You will be responsible for preparing the operating theatre and of the technical equipment and instruments.

During surgery the OT nurse monitors the patient's condition and is in charge of the pre and post op care. Sometimes you might also have to assist the surgeon. One of the main aims will be to ensure a minimum standard of hygiene, even with the simplest technical equipment in the operating theatre. Finally you will also be supervising and training local staff.

Special requirements:

  • nursing and surgical nursing degree
  • at least two years of hands-on experience in the operating theatre
  • experience with general surgery, trauma, orthopaedics and/or obstetrics is very welcome
  • a minimum of 3 months availability for a first mission (after that shorter missions are possible)