Specialists for Water, Hygiene & Sanitation

In order to be able to provide medical aid, many non-medical tasks must also be carried out. “All-rounder” are as equally sought after as highly trained specialists.

Water and sanitation specialists are mainly responsible for the water supply. Clean water is the basis of any medical care. The separation of sewage from drinking water is essential for the prevention of many diseases. In addition to the construction of latrines, an appropriate waste disposal system is necessary. As a water and sanitation specialist you will be mainly working in projects after natural disasters, in refugees camps, but also in reconstruction programmes.

Special requirements:

  • relevant technical expertise and training (e.g. water management, water treatment)
  • improvisation and hands-on skills
  • professional experience in developing countries
  • availability of at least nine to twelve months

Video Interview

Water and sanitation specialist Bernard Jorrot tells about his field experience with MSF:

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