We are urgently looking for plastic surgeons for our project in the Gaza Strip!

Since April 1st, 2018, our teams in Gaza have treated and cared for almost 1500 gunshot wounds. In order to meet the needs of the increase in patient load, we are reinforcing our current program in Gaza. Full surgical teams are being sent in order to provide surgical care and post-operative care to men, women and children. Our teams work in collaboration with Gazian surgical teams

You´re at least available fort wo weeks? Kindly get in touch with us

During their mission surgeons often have to work with the most basic technical equipment and under difficult circumstances. A diverse practical experience is required.

The work of surgeons on field missions ranges from emergency surgery and triage to general surgery and performing caesarean sections. You will frequently be working in hospitals with a lack of surgical specialists – for instance, during or after (civil) wars. Often you will have to rely on your improvisation skills and your experience - for example when you have to do surgery in the most basic setting without x-ray-images. As a surgeon you will be leading and coordinating the surgical department and are responsible for keeping the MSF quality standards. Furthermore you will be in charge of the training of the operating theatre and outpatient staff.

Special requirements:

  • completed medical specialist training
  • professional experience, as diverse as possible (for specialists of general surgery: ability to carry out caesarean, experience with paediatric surgery)
  • minimum three months availability for a mission
  • EXCEPTION FOR TRAUMA/ORTHO AND PLASTIC SURGEONS: minimum availability of 4 weeks for a mission

Surgeons will often be confronted with the following diagnoses and surgeries:

  • bullet and knife wounds
  • injuries from land mines
  • fast-moving emergency operations
  • amputations
  • Caesarean sections,
  • open and old bone fractures
  • major injury infections
  • paediatric surgery
  • diagnosis without X-ray images
  • the use of triage