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Joint fundraising with family, friends and colleagues for Doctors without Borders.
Collect donations and facilitate help worldwide.

Start your personal online donation campaign and get creative with a cycling tour, reading lecture or knitting sweaters. Ask your personal environment for contributions. There are so many opportunities – think about something that would inspire people around you. We are looking forward to hearing about your ideas!

Here’s how it works – plain simple:

  1. Start your online fundraiser here
  2. Briefly present your initiative and post a photo
  3. Invite family, friends and colleagues to make contributions

Note: After you have successfully uploaded your donation campaign, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. You and your friends will already be able to see your donation website via this link and may already make contributions. Your fundraiser will become available on our website (and visible to all users) shortly thereafter, when it has been checked and verified by our publication team. This process may take 2 – 3 work days.

We are eager to hear about your fundraiser ideas!

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Ärzte ohne Grenzen Österreich trägt als einer der ersten Vereine das österreichische Spendengütesiegel. Es bestätigt den sachgemäßen und wirtschaftlichen Umgang mit unseren Spenden sowie deren nachprüfbare Standards bei der Verwaltung.