Around the world, emergency medical aid requires qualified experts who join forces to provide access to medical care for people in need. They are united by a commitment to MSF values, a passion for humanitarian work and an irrepressible thirst for action. As a team, they even work in places where there would be no medical help at all without them. Their goal is to save human lives. 

In view of the many humanitarian crises around the world, millions of people need our help. This is why we are constantly looking for people to go on MSF field missions - both medical and non-medical. 

We’re looking for...

you would like to join an MSF field mission and support our work in one of the following areas:


Working in humanitarian projects is fascinating, yet challenging and the demands on our staff are high. Find out more about the requirements for "expats".


Contract, benefits, career opportunities

MSF was founded as a voluntary organisation and wishes to remain so. Volunteering means that people freely choose to go on a mission and show personal commitment and responsibility towards people in need. 

Volunteering with MSF does not mean to work pro bono. MSF field staff members receive a work contract and monthly salary. It is important to us to offer a minimum package of benefits to our “expats”. 

I want to apply – what are the next steps?

You work in one of the professional groups we are looking for, you meet all the requirements, and you would like to go on a field mission with MSF? Take the first step now and start the application process! 

Laura Spannocchi

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Hannelore Wallner

Hannelore Wallner

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Monika Weigel