From a mobile app campaign to get victims of sexual violence to access care in our hospitals, through to community meetings to explain the importance of handwashing in refugee camps, health promotion activities are a direct link to the community outside the walls of the hospital, and vital to ensure that MSF projects are accessible and relevant to the communities they provide for.

Your job

As an MSF Health Promoter, your main responsibilities will be to increase the community’s knowledge on health (risks), to improve current health practices and to support preventive activities with community collaboration. 

In order to achieve this, you will

  • Analyse the local culture, traditions and health perception to support the social mapping, while maintaining a strong link to our medical activities 
  • Ensure the use of qualitative methods for the analyses 
  • Apply relevant tools for data management 
  • Support the team in the development of an evidence-based strategy 
  • Implement and monitor all HP related outreach activities 
  • Define indicators to monitor HP activities 
  • Ensure continuous training and development of local HP teams 
  • Develop and adapt HP-material to ensure adequacy and comprehension of messages 

You will be supervising outreach teams, trained to promote MSF’s medical services or universal hygiene measures, as well as topics linked to maternal health, malnutrition, malaria, HIV/ AIDS, Tuberculosis, and epidemic outbreaks like Cholera or Ebola. 


  • A degree in Social Anthropology / Sociology or Social Sciences, Public Health 
  • with a proven interest in medical topics or topics related to medical anthropology and proven experience in the use of qualitative research methods 
  • At least 2 years professional experience in a relevant field 
  • Experience living within other cultures and working in multicultural settings 
  • Experience working with communities or local associations 
  • Experience in communication activities, using modern-day communication (experienced user of social media, content production software, photo shop) 
  • A good level of English AND French (or another second foreign language) 
  • Availability of at least 6 to 12 months