MSF logisticians in the field make sure that “everything runs smoothly”. From maintaining the cold chain during vaccination campaigns, to servicing vehicles; from organising the provision of water and sanitation in a camp to setting up a field hospital - logistics is what makes our work possible. 

“All-rounders” are as equally needed as highly trained specialists in mechanics and electricity or water and sanitation.  

Your job

Working in the field as MSF logistician, your overall task will be to plan and coordinate all logistics related activities in the project (construction, transportation of goods and staff, communications, water and sanitation, vehicles and machinery, waste management, infrastructures, e.g. hospitals, offices), according to MSF protocols and standards, in order to ensure an optimal running of the project. As an MSF “All-round Logistics Managers”, you will have the opportunity to use your versatile skills across a number of technical areas, including mechanics, energy and electricity, cold chain management, construction, water and sanitation, IT 'trouble shooting', radio and communications equipment, warehousing and stock management. You will also review and optimize all administrative procedures linked to logistics (orders, insurances, vehicle contracts, etc.). 

You will ensure the installation and maintenance of functional office space and lodging facilities for international staff in adequate living conditions. 

Another important responsibility will be the implementation and monitoring of all technical aspects of the project risk reduction policy (transport, communication, evacuation plan).  

Your skills in cross cultural human resource management will be important, as the role involves providing technical support and training of your possibly large local team to correctly perform all logistics activities. 


  • A completed training (vocational training or university) and technical diploma or technical university degree, preferably as an engineer  
  • At least 2 years post-qualification hands-on work experience in logistics related activities 
  • Practical skills and experience in at least 2 of the following: mechanics, energy and electricity, procurement and supply chain management (including cold chain), construction, water and sanitation, IT 'trouble shooting', radio and communications equipment, warehousing and stock management 
  • IT skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) 
  • A good level of English AND French (or another second foreign language) 
  • Availability of at least 6 to 12 months 


  • Experience in administration (finance, human resources), project or event management 
  • Desirable previous experience with other NGOs, and working experience in developing countries