On mission, surgical nurses often have to work with the most basic technical equipment and under difficult conditions. An as versatile practical experience as possible is necessary. 

Your job

As an OT nurse with MSF, your main task will be to organize and carry-out all nursing activities related to the operating theatre (OT), according to MSF health protocols, universal hygienic standards and in coordination with the surgeon and anaesthetist, to ensure a smooth functioning of the surgical activities (pre, during and post-operative care) offered to patients.
You will often work with emergency teams to treat people wounded in conflict zones or because of natural disasters.
Your job will be to ensure the preparation of the equipment in the OT, the reception of the patient in the OT and his/her installation for surgery. You will assist the surgeon and anaesthetist during the operation, check vital parameters of the patient during surgery and organize the patient’s transport to the recovery room and supervise all the post-operative activities in order to prepare the OT for next surgical intervention or any emergency. Your role will be to follow-up the hygiene, sterilization, asepsis, and disinfection protocols at all times, to supervise and train the nurse-aids and cleaners and train local staff members where applicable.
You will ensure an efficient use of material resources and participate in data collection and reporting. Furthermore, you will be asked to support other services whenever needed and you will work in close collaboration with the emergency and the obstetrics department.


  • A valid nursing licence (diploma or university degree) plus specialization as theatre nurse 
  • At least 2 years post-qualification nursing experience 
  • Experience in leading teams is essential (training, coaching and supervision)
  • Availability of at least 3 to 6 months
  • A good level of English AND French (or another second foreign language)


  • experience with general surgery, trauma, orthopaedics and/or obstetrics 
  • willingness to work in highly unstable environments, such as armed conflicts or natural disasters