Adequat medical care and treatment for children is not only an ethical imperative, but a right recognized by the countries that signed the UN Convention on The Rights of The Child. 

From managing Intensive Therapeutic Feeding Centres during a nutrition crisis to caring for children struck by cerebral malaria, our paediatricians provide lifesaving care every day in our projects. 

Your Job

As an MSF paediatrician, your job will be to apply your hands-on specialist knowledge and skills to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of children, ensuring integrated new-born and paediatric care through Emergency, OPD and IPD services, according to MSF protocols, values and hygiene standards.

You archieve that by

  • offering continuous training for all medical staff 
  • following up the evolution of the hospitalized patients through daily visits and examinations, prescribing the necessary treatment, deciding whether they can be discharged or transferred to other departments 
  • providing inputs about the general organization of the paediatric ward, including the admission, transfer, and discharge criteria 
  • participating in the collection and analysis of epidemiological new-born and paediatric data and preparing clinical cases for further trainings 

You will be managing a team of (local) doctors; in support of the HR team, you will contribute to the recruitment, evaluation and development of team members under your direct responsibility. 


  • A completed specialization training in paediatrics is required 
  • A good level of English 
  • Availability of at least 3 to 6 months 


  • Specific training and/or experience in relevant areas, including: tropical medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and emergency medicine 
  • Other languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian) are an asset.