From collecting supplies from an MSF plane on a makeshift runway to working with the pharmacy manager and medical team to forecast medical supplies months in advance, the work of a supply logistician is far reaching and vital to the whole team.  

Our supply centres in France, Belgium and the Netherlands (plus their regional hubs) dispatch pre-packaged kits, supplies and medicines needed for treating patients and running programmes. They guarantee the safety of medical and non-medical supplies, and deliver what our teams need, wherever and when they need it. 

Your job

As an MSF supply chain manager, your job will be the overall management of the supply chain activities and sections (Order Processing, Procurement, Warehouse, Transport and Customs). 

You will analyse the context, participate in the regular revision of existing supply chain strategies and implement new supply procedures, in order to contribute to an efficient running of the mission. You will be responsible for the daily supply activities of the project, following MSF’s Standard Operating Procedures. You will manage local purchase in the project, as well as efficient physical (warehousing) and administrative (management of movements) stock management. Additionally, you are responsible for organising transport by truck or plane, also considering local means of transport, road, and weather conditions. Since many materials need to be purchased locally, you will also have to negotiate prices and quantities with local suppliers. For material coming from outside the mission country you will ensure timely order and take care of the custom clearance. You will also be responsible of issuing regular reports to communicate about expired drugs, risk of shortages, stock reports, lead time (pipeline planning etc.).  

Being in the position of a manager, your role will be to supervise and train a team of local staff.

Supply chain manager positions can be based at coordination level (state capital) - to facilitate the flow of goods from Europe to the projects - or at project level to manage supply distribution for the departments in the projects. beneficiaries. 


  • A completed training (vocational training or university degree) in Supply Chain Management or other relevant areas (e.g. Economics, Transport Economics, Logistics, Business Management) 
  • At least 2 years post-qualification hands-on work experience in Supply Chain Management or a related area 
  • Versatile professional experience (e.g. procurement, import/export, transport/freight, stock management) 
  • IT skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) 
  • A good level of English AND French (or another second foreign language) 
  • Availability of at least 6 to 12 months 


  • Knowledge of relevant information systems technology (ERPs for instance, spreadsheet software) 
  • Experience in consumable stock management (ideally pharmacy)