From caring for malnourished babies in a drought affected region of Africa through to conducting rounds to survey trauma patients in a large Ministry of Health hospital after a bout of conflict in the area, MSF’s doctors provide lifesaving care every day in our projects. You will not be facing these challenges alone – MSF provides expert technical support including extensive guidelines and protocols.

Your job

As a medical doctor your job will mainly be seeing patients and supervising local staff doctors, to whom you will also provide training and evaluation.

This might include:

  • Doing basic consultations at a mobile clinic with possibly high numbers of patients every day 
  • Doing ward rounds in a hospital, as well as offering medical expertise to local staff medical doctors of different departments 
  • Working with very limited diagnostic tools and referral services 
  • Supporting medical data collection, analysis and reporting 
  • Developing and implementing relevant protocols  
  • Forecasting medical supply needs and managing medical stocks 

Our projects offer opportunities in a range of contexts in which you can gain experience in various areas of practice – for example, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, nutritional programs or neglected diseases like Kala-azar or sleeping sickness.


  • A completed specialization in general medicine / family medicine 
  • Ability to take medical responsibility for an entire team in situations where you may be the only doctor 
  • A good level of English 
  • Availability of at least 6 months 


  • Knowledge of tropical medicine, public health or infectious diseases is required for some regions. Therefore, we recommend attending a tropical medicine course. 
  • Clinical work experience in a low resource setting country might replace the course. 
  • Other language skills (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian) are highly appreciated