Project on Global Perspectives - Zagreb



This project was part of a course called Global Perspectives. Kristina Ana Šprljan, English Language and Literature Teacher, tells Doctors Without Borders, "the aim of the course is learning to think critically and to view different perspectives on global issues. The topic that they were focusing on was  about conflict & peace. Each team of students had to identify a specific issue within the topic and create a project that would include collaboration, research, personal learning and a service outcome. This particular student group decided to raise awareness about areas of the world affected by war, to raise funds and to support Doctors Without Borders (the children's research informed them that Doctors Without Borders often go to war-torn areas and provide medical support). 

In order to accomplish their aim the students organized a school-wide "movie night". They charged a small entrance fee and organized donation boxes around the school. Before the screening of the movie the students prepared a speech about areas in the world affected by war, consequences of war and the support that Doctors Without Borders offer. 

The students advertised their "movie night" through posters, announcements on the PA system, going to classes and talking to students and teachers. This involved quite a bit of organization and planning as they had to find an appropriate movie for the entire school (ages 4-18), asking the director of the school for permission, booking the space, organizing snacks and collecting money."

Mrs. Jaros-Nitsch, project coordinator of the youth initiative of Doctors Without Borders in Austria says, "The students have all reason to be very proud on their project outcome. Not just because of the donations, they have organised, to raise awareness is crucial to contiunue our work."