Katalin Kaplár

HR Professional,Organisational Psychologist, Coach, Mental Health First Aider
Katalin Kaplar

Katalin worked already with the NATO in Luxembourg,  as UNV in DRC and with the UN (Secretariat and IOM) in New York and Geneva. She has a BA in French language and literature, a Postgraduate specialized degree in translation and a MSc in Business psychology.

Have you ever been abroad for a significant length of time or on a humanitarian mission before?

I’ve lived outside of Hungary for 14 years, and spent 2 years in the Democratic Republic of Congo 

Why did you decide to go on mission with MSF?

I want to put my skills to good use. MSF’s reputation and mission has always been something I admired, and this role aligns with my personal values and professional aspirations. 

What do you value most about MSF?

The inclusiveness, the grit, the determination. 

What are you looking forward to most on your (next) mission?

People! Not just because it’s my job, and my purpose driver to make people’s work easier, more pleasant, more efficient, but because people are the core of these missions, and in my experience there are always some truly inspiring people in every mission. Plus, I’ve been on a strict working-from-home regime since last March, I crave for human interaction.

Is there anything that you take along to every mission?

Some books, a drawing from my niece & nephew, and a favourite mug. Most of the time I even manage to sneak in a pair of pretty shoes. 

What are you passionate about and how do you like to spend your free time?

I love languages – learning them and talking about them – , I’m very curious about the human mind and behaviour, and passionate about diversity and inclusion, both in an academic/learning and a practical way. I read a lot, run and do yoga when I can, and bake when there’s somebody to appreciate the final product. 

What is your most unforgettable experience in the field? 

The East of DRC is an unbelievably beautiful region, so my most vivid memories are of the lushness of the landscape, and the red glow of the volcanoes. Once Lake Kivu turned to a turquoise colour, making it look like the Caribbean. The ease of making connections, and the simplicity of understanding each other also made a lasting impact on me.