Gábor Gervai

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Der Anthropologe Gábor Gervai kommt aus Budapest, Ungarn. Er hat einen Master in Kultureller Anthropologie. 
Für Ärzte ohne Grenzen geht er als Health Promotion & Community Engagement Manager auf Einsatz.
Er schätzt die finanzielle Unabhängigkeit der medizinischen Hilfe von Ärzte ohne Grenzen


Have you ever been abroad for a significant length of time or on a humanitarian mission before?

I have been on a mission with MSF in Ethiopia for 6 months, and I have lived, studied, volunteered and worked abroad in Turkey and Indonesia among others. 

Why did you decide to go on mission with MSF?

I want to support vulnerable people by creating a link between them and MSF, and to adapt aid to their needs. 

What do you value most about MSF?

Independence. Thanks to MSF's private donors no government or company can interfere with its operations. 

What are you looking forward to most on your (next) mission?

Working on a project full dedicated to Mental Health and another one for Pediatric Care. Both of them are quite unique.

Is there anything that you take along to every mission?

A good pair of shoes. 

What are you passionate about and how do you like to spend your free time?

I am passionate about slow travel and cultural interactions. I like to play music, do yoga and biking. 

What is your most unforgettable experience in the field?

A traditional coffee ceremony in a village near the South Sudanese border where we discussed health issues with the community members and I was treated with genuine kindness and hospitality. 

Missions by Gábor Gervai

  • Liberia, Jänner 2021 - Juni 2021